Some things to consider when building an environment for yourself:

1. Develop and nurture a habit of seeing – really noticing – your surroundings. Take note of what you really love and hate, or are indifferent to. Try understanding why.

2. What is your capacity for exploring the unfamiliar, or even considering it? Are you open to other possibilities? The rewards of architecture are intimately connected to what often lies beyond familiar patterns of thought.

3. Are you ready to experience your life on a higher plane? To be more aware and possibly to feel more alive?

4. Be completely honest about your financial resources, your ability to stay afloat? Building happens over time.

5. Are you optimistic about your future? Optimism goes a long way in cushioning the bumps that occur in the building process, and especially when pursuing excellence. Do you take the long view? Perspective is as important as optimism when building.

6. Do you like the process of seeing ideas transform into tangible reality? As slow as it often seems, construction is, nevertheless, fertile with the joys of experiencing a life being born.

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