reconnecting – part 2

Most of us spend the majority of our time indoors, sheltered from nature.

And yet, as a species, we evolved biologically and psychologically unsheltered for the most part, and, therefore, intimately attuned to the diverse rhythms of the natural world.

Something’s amiss.

Built environments – architecture the way I think of it – can reconnect us to those diverse rhythms; place us more one-on-one with nature, both external and internal, and by doing so, rejoin us with our own not-yet-completely-buried primal selves.

In such an environment nature is not treated as an antagonistic force to be minimized. Instead it’s strategically acknowledged and amplified. And it’s not done at the expense of comfort and safety. We feel more at home with ourselves, as we did long ago. Architecture has the potential to make us feel and then become more alive.

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