Shelter: A Choice


After (downhill from the mountains…)

Shelter is what we make to protect us from the earth’s undesirable forces (see my other posts – “why Architecture?” and “the Path Least Traveled“). But it also separates us from its benefits; we’re biologically and emotionally connected to the earth in a very intimate way.

Question: Does our shelter – the places we build to support life – replace or exceed in value the life supporting piece of the earth being displaced?

These buildings we construct – our shelters, in turn, often displace a piece of the earth’s natural beauty and energy, a vital source of our health and happiness.  One can argue that perhaps that piece is of microscopic value relative to the larger value of being sheltered from nature’s harmful forces.  And that in itself may be true.  But it doesn’t negate the value offered us by earth’s beauty as well as its biological support, especially when multiplying those relatively small pieces exponentially as in today’s world.

While many are in no position because of personal reasons to proactively take this issue on, its relevancy diminished by the shear load of daily concerns, some do care. Some are in a place in their lives where action is both possible and feasible. For those who are capable the issue can be more than an academic diversion.

A conscious choice to take a walk down this path can make all the difference.

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