L.A. now nation’s densest urban area.

As if our eyes and the daily commute weren’t evidence enough of the dense forest of built environments we now live with here in L.A., check this latest clincher from our surrogate parents in D.C..

According to the U.S. Census Bureau metro L.A. is now the most densely populated city in the U.S. (see article).

Well, great you say. Tell me something I can act on.

There is something. Take a good look at your own habitat…your home, for starters. Are you willing to consider converting where you spend so much of your life into a place that brings out the best in you. The natural world, that which has so largely been displaced by our buildings, can do that. And yet, as I’ve said in another post, our built environment, in a fundamental way, is there primarily to protect us from nature.

This does not have to be a conundrum. We don’t have to be trapped by our circumstances. We always have a choice. We can examine and change our priorities. The places we build to protect our lives, even in locations as crowded as L.A., can be retreats from the stress of over-crowding. They can be made to restore more of what has been displaced from our natural environments. They can reintroduce the life enriching aspects of nature. To a large extent they can compensate for the consequences of living in a crowded world.

See also my post, “A Path Least Traveled – Part 1…the Woods” and “Shelter, a Choice”.


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