Louis Kahn

Not a household name to non-architects, Louis Kahn dug deep into the very core of architecture, discovering the deeper reality of what architecture is and could be. His famous question asked of a brick or other material, “what does it want to be?” resonates to this day. Not everyones cup of tea, strange to many, but for me his sometimes haunting work is an inspiration in the way it captures the primal and timeless material essence of a building. It took me a while in the beginning to let him in, but it was worth the wait. See if you can step back, not dismiss him too quickly, and let yourself discover a new experience of what is possible in our built environment.

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One thought on “Louis Kahn

  1. Isn’t that video amazing?! I took a architecture introduction class from the dean of my school, who actually was taught by Kahn! He said Kahn always had something very philosophical to say. He never filled conversation gaps with manners and “how are you” but would always insert a very deep comment on architecture, life, the universe, etc. Someone like that must have some truly great architecture, even if its not the style most people enjoy.

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