quotes from “Why Architecture Matters” by Paul Goldberger

“Because we live with buildings, and see them all the time, our relationship to them is at once more intimate and more distant than our relationship to music or painting or literature or film, things we experience episodically but intensely. When you are watching a film, your world consists almost entirely of what you see on the screen; when you are in a building, only occasionally do other perceptions and other thoughts disappear from your mind   (in buildings, because more senses are involved, because more is going on, an intense narrow focus on the building itself for any prolonged amount of time is much less likely.)…Architecture, even good architecture, can cause complacency; because we see it every day, as a backdrop to our lives, it is easy to stop seeing it with fresh eyes, however closely we interact with it. The complacency that time induces has a purpose: it lets us tolerate things that would (otherwise) be intolerable if we continued to feel them intensely…But such tolerance comes at a high price – there is a high tariff to the comfort of familiarity, for it encourages us to stop seeing.” p.172

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