Why Architecture Matters by Paul Goldberger

Sensing a possible connection with some of my recent thoughts on the subject, I ordered a copy of Why Architecture Matters by Paul Goldberger. My radar was working perfectly. What I found was a gem of a book, written for those not necessarily possessing a degree in architecture yet somehow drawn to the world of buildings, that sharply brings into focus our relationship to those buildings – and, of course, why those buildings matter.

Written with a passion for the things we build to give us shelter, deeply insightful, this important book gives coherent shape to previously scattered thoughts I’ve had regarding the value architecture has for us all. I highly recommend it to any of you who want to penetrate the veil of mystery surrounding the subject and reality of architecture and its vital relevance in our lives.

Because of the resonance I feel with many of Goldberger’s insights, I’ve decided to offer  a few of them, formatted in bite size quotes on my blog post – one per post. Bite size, they will hopefully encourage you to chew on them, slowly and thoughtfully.

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