Home Base…part 5

At the risk of repeating myself and boring you, I’m once again inspired by what’s out my window…

It’s Fall. I love Fall. The first rain just passed through. Our wildfire season has been briefly delayed, but more importantly, my architectural spirit has once again been lifted. As always I was captivated by it’s spell. But, I must confess that doing this series of shots was also inspired not just by the weather, but in part by a post, “diffuse” on the blog, “donnell & day architectural journal”.

the day before

approaching rain

…getting closer

…and closer

the veil of rain

…easing up

sunlight, rain

veil lifting

break through

view from the carport

rain’s sundown gift

next morning

10 thoughts on “Home Base…part 5

    • It never fails to blow me away…of course, photos help freeze-frame it in time. Happy you enjoyed the show.

  1. * truly home and passion for all it has to offer . . . . a long attachment which never subsides! . . . . and so it rests . . . . me

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