Bruce Goff – more images and videos

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Bridging the Gap

As anyone interested can see from a visit to my Pinterest site, what interests me architecturally is broad and cannot be easily pigeon-holed. And yet, scanning all these images you may notice certain common characteristics throughout.

What this growing collection of diverse architectural possibilities reveals is something I probably share with most architects – a drive to discover new ways of experiencing the world we build.

But, not just that.
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Bruce Goff’s Garvey House

Anyone interested the mind-bending work of this great middle American architect, check out (if you can find a copy) David De Long’s “Bruce Goff – Toward Absolute Architecture” MIT Press, 1988.

Goff’s work and a talk he gave when I was in architecture school broke open for me a totally new way of seeing and thinking about architecture. I’ll probably be posting more of his stuff as time goes on.
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